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Spring Cleaning UKAs time is passing, the competition between commercial and residential real estate is just growing and growing, and now has turned into situation in which it has become crucial for tenants to be able to offer some really strong references from their previous landlords and real estate agents, when they move out of the property. This is why landlords and agents these days are expecting to see some flawless cleaning of their properties so that they can ensure their tenant actually gets back some of the deposit they paid initially along with positive referrals and good word-of-mouth to potential new tenants they meet. The time it requires to offer the standard of cleaning that is expected is actually quite a lot. And those who fail to meet the agents requirements of cleanliness are always risking to lose their deposits and even get a bad reference from their landlord. But to avoid all this, End of Tenancy Cleaning is now here to offer all the services required for end of tenancy cleaning, to ensure you don't have to worry about this anymore. Just call us at 020 3397 3291 to book your service.

Our service is not just a choice anymore for most of our customers. This is because agents and landlords are increasingly making this a requirement that the tenant is supposed to have their property professionally cleaned from a service like ours when they are moving out. Otherwise they should not receive their deposit back. This is why we are here to assist such customers, and also those who wish to have a strong reference by leaving their property looking impeccable. We offer a wide range of cleaning services along with several other great additional services that can help you a lot in achieving the standard of cleanliness that is expected from you without having to compromise your own time and efforts.

Oven Cleaning UKWe offer through cleaning for all the rooms. When it comes to cleaning your kitchen we ensure we professionally clean up each and every single spot there. We clean all your bench tops along with all the stove tops. The tiles hidden behind your stove and above your stove are thoroughly cleaned to take out all the grease out of your years of cleaning. The sink and its tap is actually polished to give it a shiny brand new look. Along with that, all the drawers and cupboards are cleaned to ensure no dirt or leftovers are there to get stale and smelly. We ensure that your kitchen is left odorless and actually smelling great and new. Your floors will be comprehensively cleaned by first vacuuming them and then mopping them well until they are shiny.

End of Tenancy Cleaning also offers great bathroom cleaning services. We start by painstakingly cleaning your vanity top and your basin. We clean in and around to make sure no hard to reach spaces are left behind looking dirty. We have professional cleaning tools specifically designed for each purpose. These tools help us get an impeccable look in the end. We use the right detergents and cleaning liquids to ensure we don't damage anything but still achieve the flawlessly clean look. We work hard on your bath tub as well and fully sanitize all your bathroom cupboards and drawers. We use high quality glass cleaning liquid to clean all your bathroom mirrors. We even take out your shower curtain and bathroom mats to wash them and leave them spotless. Finally we get down to clean your floor and ensure your bathroom is left sparkly and shiny.

Sofa Cleaning LondonDining rooms are the most difficult places to clean. And according to several researches they are also some of the dirtiest places. This is because they are often neglected by home owners and it's really difficult cleaning sofas, carpets, and other hard to reach fabric places. People simply vacuum from the outside, leaving a lot of dirt behind in the inside. We start by taking all your sofa cushions out and cleaning them separately. If required we even take off the cushion covers to have them dry-cleaned. Then we use a professional vacuum cleaner to get into the details of each sofa and your dining room along with the fire place and dining table. We polish your dining table and clean your chairs. Again if your chairs have any fabric on them, we ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned by either taking apart if necessary or simply from the top. All other places are diligently cleaned too.

Sofa Cleaning UKReaching into dust corners and cleaning up cobwebs is the biggest problem for tenants. But with our cleaning service we get deep into every little corner to ensure no dust particle is left behind. We even wipe down the walls when required. We spot clean all the light marks that have been left behind on your walls. We even do all your laundry which includes your bedroom linen, pillow covers, and everything else that is related to your house. Our cleaning service is readily available and we have partners working with us to ensure our laundry comes back the same day so your cleaning service does not get delayed. We have a team of professionals we are trained in offering professional level cleaning service. They are also trained on how to use all the equipment that is required for such services.

Along with the basic cleaning service we also offer tons of additional services that you can enjoy. If you want we can have your rubbish removed for you too. We also clean ceiling fans and all your window blinds. We offer thorough cleaning of your oven by taking the glass out and getting into the little corners that fog and dirty your oven window. We offer patio cleaning services as well for homes that have their patios connected. If you want, we can even go up into your loft to clean it up for you. Whatever cleaning service you require related to your home, we offer it all. Just call at 020 3397 3291 to find out how to book your service.

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