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End of Tenancy Cleaning is a company that providers’ tenants leaving their homes the service of cleaning up everything professionally to meet the high standards being set by landlords and agents. We have been offering this service for more than ten years now and have become quite expert in what we do. Even if you are not a tenant that is leaving his/her home, and just a regular person that would like to have their home cleaned professionally, we are the company for you. If you feel your property needs to be thoroughly cleaned for any reason, just give us a call at 020 3397 3291 and we will dispatch our team of cleaners to do the job for you.

We have been offering thousands of people end of tenancy cleaning services that range over several prices depending on your budget and the number of services you are interested in. The more services you take, the more you will have to pay. But considering all other service providers in the market, our prices are very competitive and affordable according to the quality we offer. All letting agents and landlords have their own rules and regulations. Just let us know what your landlords’ rules are regarding cleanliness and we can offer you a package that is just perfect for your needs.

When our team of professional cleaners enters your property with all their equipment, we promise that they will leave only after ensuring that each and every little inch of your property is properly polished, cleaning, germ free, and sanitized. All the cleaning liquids and chemicals that we use in order to offer the quality cleaning service that we offer, is environmentally friendly and safe. You don’t have to worry about getting any allergies because of the detergents or anything else. Our team of cleaners comes with their own steam cleaning machines, detergents, vacuum cleaners, mops, tools, and cleaning cloths. In our cleaning service we clean up all the tiles, stairs, floors, carpets, kitchen appliances, skirting boards, drawers, cupboards, windows, doors, and all other surfaces that need to be cleaned and dust free. Finally we also offer to de-scale your bathrooms.

Those customers of ours who regularly take the cleaning services of End of Tenancy Cleaning are entitled to special promotional prices and discounts. We promise you that the quality of service that we deliver will make you want to come back to us again and again. We have hired cleaning technicians that are professionally trained and thoroughly vetted to ensure they truly can deliver the service we promise. These cleaners will come to you with references and identity badges that you can look at to ensure as a solid proof that they are who they claim to be. This is to ensure that you are at complete peace of mind while the team works at your house to clean up.

Once you use our end of tenancy cleaning service you will not want to go to anyone else. You can also be assured that your landlord or agent will be more than happy from you and will give you a very strong reference for your new house hunting. You will also have tenants moving in that will be really grateful to you for the quality of cleanliness that you have left behind. So if you are looking to leave behind a strong impression and a good relation with your landlord, this is a service you should definitely get. This will also help you in getting back the deposit you paid to your landlord when you were first moving into the house. So if you are looking for a quality cleaning service, call now at 020 3397 3291.

Thanks for taking the time to email us.

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