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Domestic Cleaning UKIn today’s hectic life, it is really difficult for even women to take the time out for cleaning their homes. On top of that the percentage of people living on their own and with other mates is constantly on the rise. This means that the number of people living independently is also rising. These people rarely have the time to clean their homes because of their busy work schedules and social lives. For such people having a domestic cleaning service is a must. To cater to this growing need, End of Tenancy Cleaning has set up its services to offer customers like these fully insured, tested, and trained cleaning professionals who come to their homes and do the cleaning for them for a small fee. With one phone call to 020 3397 3291 you can book your cleaning service in no time at all.

Our company has been offering cleaning services to homes like these for more than ten years. We have helped thousands of people enjoy a clean living environment by doing their cleaning for them. We have been able to establish a well recognized and renowned name for ourselves in the industry by consistently offering a high quality cleaning service to our customers who keep coming back to us for repeat business. For these people, finding a reliable and trustworthy cleaner is their biggest concern. When they feel that they can trust our company and our employees, they do not want to switch to anyone else. We are sure that you will feel the same way once you enjoy our services.

We offer complete peace of mind to our customers by making sure that we do a full background check on all our employees. We ensure that they have no criminal record of any kind and that they come from a sound background. We also make sure that their English is sufficiently good enough to make it easy for you to communicate with them and so that they too can understand you when you tell them what you are expecting from their services. Now you can take all the cleaning hassle out of your home by simply booking our service.

Domestic Cleaning LondonWe offer a wide range of domestic cleaning services that you can pick from. Some people find it difficult to clean bathrooms while others find it annoying to have to do their ironing. Whether there is one particular task that you are interested in or simply wish to have your whole house regularly cleaned up, just call us and inquire about our different packages and prices to see what suits you the most. We offer professional ironing services, washing services, and even cooking services. We have professionals who can do almost anything for you. Whether you are interested in an end of tenancy cleaning service which is a very thorough one time package, or an ongoing regular service of cleaning for each week or month, we offer it all.

Whether you are going away for the weekend or for a whole month, you don’t have to worry about coming home to a dirty house. You can trust us with a set of keys to your house and we will make sure that your cleaners visit your home while you are away and do all you’re cleaning for you. Now you don’t have to worry about your pet either because we also offer a new service in which our cleaners feed your pet animal while you are away, thus keeping you at peace since you will know that your pet is still being fed on time. If you are interested in the services of End of Tenancy Cleaning, call at  020 3397 3291 and buy a package.

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