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Domestic Cleaning LondonIf you are selling your home, renting out your property, or moving out of your rented property, our end of tenancy cleaning service is what you need to get. Here at End of Tenancy Cleaning we offer intense post or pre – tenancy cleaning services all done in one single day. We promise to leave your property impeccably clean and sparklingly new. This has increasingly become a requirement by landlords and agents that their tenants should properly clean up the place before they leave. But we all know that cleaning up the house from scratch is not a job for an ordinary person to do. This is why we offer professional help to offer you the best cleaning service that you can get for the job you need. We offer all this at a much affordable price. Just call at 020 3397 3291 and book your service today.

We have a dedicated team of mobile cleaners that can reach your house no matter which part of London you are living in. our cleaning professionals have received thorough training and experience on how to properly clean homes and properties like yours. They particularly offer specialized end of tenancy cleaning services as compared to regular every day cleaning. The difference in both of these services is that end of tenancy services are more comprehensive and detailed and go into the tiniest matters like even cleaning the spots on the walls and reaching deep into all the hard to reach into spots. We offer a fully guaranteed service that promises to take care of everything in your home and leaves your property shiny and new.

End of Tenancy Cleaning LondonOur team of cleaners that will arrive at your house to do your cleaning will come with their own tools, equipment, and cleaning chemicals and liquids. Our staff is kept up to date on all the requirements of inventory checkouts and cleaning standards. They know what the industry standards are going and what landlords and agents are now requiring their tenants to fulfill particular requirements. Our cleaning team follows an extensive checklist to ensure that they fully meet all the cleanliness standards that have been set by the industry and by the particular landlord of each customer. But there is a common checklist that is used by all letting agents in London and this is the list that we strictly adhere to at all times on top of several other items that we regularly keep adding in our checklist.

We thoroughly clean each room that you ask us to. We have a separate team that specializes in the cleaning of bathrooms. At End of Tenancy Cleaning our bathroom cleaners also de-scale your shower screen, clean, and polish it well. They also make sure that the wall tiles are all degreased, cleaned, and then polished. The taps, shower, basin, and other fittings are also de-scaled, cleaned, dried, and then polished. All shampoos and soaps are finally removed for thorough cleaning. All your bathroom mirrors will be cleaned and polished. Finally your floors will also be disinfected, cleaned, washed, and polished. If you have any carpeting on your floors, they will be hovered as well.

We also offer steam cleaning services for your carpets, upholstery cleaning, and then curtains steam cleaning. We take out all the junk from your drawers and cupboards while cleaning them thoroughly. All the doors and their handles will also be polished. We have dusting experts that clean all your light switches, curtain rails, shades, light fittings, fire surround, wall pictures, skirting, and radiators. All cobwebs are removed and even the mattresses and cushions are properly cleaned to suck out all the dust. Call us at 020 3397 3291 to find out more.

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