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Home Cleaning UKEnd of Tenancy Cleaning is a cleaning agency that offers you a fully insured house cleaning service that is affordable by all. We are a company designed to offer repeated cleaning services to our customers. Most of our customers come back to us for regular cleaning services. We mostly offer cleaning services that range from 2 to 5 hours in a row, and can be done weekly or more frequently depending on the customer’s requirements. If you are satisfied by the work of one particular cleaner you can reserve him or her to be the only one to do your cleaning job each week or month. This will give you more peace of mind knowing that you have the same person coming again for your cleaning and that you don’t have to explain what you want all over again to a new person or a new team. Our cleaning services over everything including ironing services as a basic. Call at 020 3397 3291 to book your cleaning service now.

Our house cleaning services are competitively priced to ensure that every person can afford them. If you are new to our company we will offer you a discounted price for the first whole year of your repeated service from us. This will bring down the price of your service down to a much affordable rate for you. You will have to directly pay the cleaner each time he or she comes to do your cleaning. We have a fixed fee that we give to the cleaner and a small percentage that the agency keeps as their insurance fee.

Home Cleaning LondonMost people find it difficult to trust strangers to come into their homes and do their cleaning for them. But with us you don’t have to worry about that at all because we have employed a very strict vetting process that each new employee undergoes. This helps our customers feel much more confident when they avail our service. We require our new employees to show two strong references from their previous employers, and we do actually check up on them before hiring them. Along with that, we also ask them to present to us their proof of address, a photo identification, and proof that they are legally allowed to work in the UK. On top of that we also ensure that our cleaners know how to speak good English so that communication with our customers will not be much of a problem. Finally we require them to pass an initial cleaning test to see how good they are in their job.

We have our own cleaning materials that we use each time. But we also ensure you that no germs are spread from one house to another by always using new equipment for your particular house and then leave our things with you so that the next time our cleaners come; they can simply use the cleaning equipment that they had left behind. This further helps in ensuring that you get a consistently high quality of cleaning service.

The best thing about [COMPANYU NAME] is that their cleaners are even available to work for you while you are out of the house. On weekends we offer the same cleaning service for the same price if you are interested in personally being at the house when the cleaner arrives. But if you want to have the house cleaned while you are away, then you can choose to leave a set of keys to your house with the cleaner. This is to ensure that all you’re cleaning is done on time while you are away. This way you can come home to a clean and neat house. Call 020 3397 3291 for your booking.

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