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Rug Cleaning UKEnd of Tenancy Cleaning rug cleaning service guarantees to clean and restore almost all kinds of rugs. We have been offering thousands of homes and companies professional rug cleaning service for more than ten years now. We are based in London and specialize in all kinds of cleaning ranging from end of tenancy cleaning, oven cleaning, sofa cleaning, office cleaning, spring cleaning, upholstery cleaning and so much more. We have specialized teams working in each area and thus we guarantee that each cleaner that is assigned to your project will be particularly skilled in that specific area of work. We hire only the best cleaners and give them all the necessary training and knowledge to offer the best possible service to you. Our rug cleaning service is especially renowned in London as being one of the best services in the area. If you are interested in getting your rug cleaned by us, simply call at 020 3397 3291.

Our expert technicians know exactly how to take care of all kinds of rugs regardless of their type, material, and size. Most technicians take your rug through a similar process which involves first inspecting your rug for any wear and tear, finding out what its make and materials are, and what instructions are given on its label for washing purposes. Once everything is noted down and taken into consideration, a cleaning technique is then decided upon based on what answers the inspection gave. Then the cleaner starts by vacuuming your rug to take out all dust on the level surface. After that they put a pre – treatment solution on your rug and start to brush it. This helps in taking out all the deep dug dirt and residues. Then most rugs are taken through a process called the patented hot carbon extraction method for cleaning. If you have a unique or highly sensitive rug material, we might use a different technique. Then we start by grooming the pile and using our fingers we finish the fringes. Finally we apply a soil resistant treatment that is to remove all kinds of stains in your rugs. After that your rug is left out to dry.

Rug Cleaning LondonIf your rug is 100% wool we use a different cleaning solution that is fully approved and accredited by the WoolSafe industry, which is an independent body working solely to promote practices that are best for cleaning rugs and wool carpets. We use professional cleaning solutions like The Natural and Repel Protectant that are particularly designed for the cleaning of rug wools.

For Persian, Oriental, Egyptian, or Chinese rugs we offer extra care and gentleness when cleaning them. These rugs usually have a sculpted design on them which is created by using fibers of both low and high areas and often are hand cut as well to create the effect. Before cleaning such carpets we thoroughly identify the type of fibers used to make sure the cleaning process does not result in any color bleeding, color run, or pile distortion.

End of Tenancy Cleaning has a wide network of highly skilled rug cleaners working for us. No matter which part of London you are living in, we can have a rug cleaner come to your house or business and take away all your rugs that require cleaning. We deliver your cleaned rugs at your doorstep. We try to take all the hassle away from your cleaning process and ensure you complete peace of mind. Whether you have a very large rug or a small one, don’t hesitate in contacting us because we cater to all kinds of clients. If you would like to hire our rug cleaning service, contact us at 020 3397 3291.

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