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Sofa Cleaning UKEnd of Tenancy Cleaning is a well established cleaning company that has been offering cleaning services to thousands of homes and offices for more than ten years. We have had the privilege to clean thousands of sofas including sofa sets and 3 piece suits. We specialize in cleaning sofas along with several other specialized areas. We have a wide network of clients ranging from all kinds of backgrounds that come back to us for more services only because they trust and rely on our quality and high standards. We promise to restore your sofas to extend its life and its beauty. We deal with a range of sofa types that also include mattresses, and armchairs. No matter what kind of material your sofa has, we know exactly how to clean it well. Call now at 020 3397 3291 to book your sofa cleaning service.

We not only offer sofa cleaning service but we also deliver repair services for sofas and armchairs. We hope to give back your sofa to you in a much better condition than it originally was and that is why we take care of all kinds of wear and tear. Sofas are exposed to the most rigorous usage because they are placed in an open area like the living room where everyone comes to relax on them with their feet and sometimes shoes up as well. A lot of people even sit and eat on their couches and sofas. Thus these items are always prone to pick up more dirt mites, dust, food particles, body oils, skin particles, hair, and other environmental pollutants as compared to other furniture in your home. All these pollutants are really hazardous to your health and seriously wreck the fabric of your sofa as well. This is why it is quite important that you have your sofas cleaned professionally at least once or twice each year, depending on your usage and standard of personal cleanliness.

Sofa Cleaning LondonWe know that there is not one sofa cleaning process that can work on all types of sofas. Each sofa has a different kind of material and a different level of sensitivity. Other features also have to be taken into consideration like dimensional stability of your sofa, its color fastness, and of course the fabric. We have trained technicians and cleaners that know exactly how to clean your sofa depending on all of these factors so as to maximize the results and reduce possible damage. We use a special hot water extraction system through which we loosen and then suck out all the residue and dirt on your sofa’s fabric. We have both gentle and thorough cleaning systems that work for different kinds of sofas. For patent leather or other such sofa fabrics we use an entirely different technique and liquids.

Before conducting any cleaning on your sofas, the staff of End of Tenancy Cleaning first carefully inspects the sofa you are giving us. During our inspection we check the sofa for all kinds of wear and tear and note them down to ensure nothing is a result of our cleaning process. On top of that we also aim to fix as many tears as possible on our own afterwards and thus the record helps us keep track of it. We also analyze the degree of soiling and the kind of material that your sofa has. Based on that we then choose which cleaning liquids would work best and which cleaning method to adopt. From there on we then start cleaning your sofa and do the best we can do return it back in great shape and appearance. If you are interested in letting us clean your sofa too, just call us at 020 3397 3291.

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