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Spring Cleaning LondonThe practice of fully cleaning your house each year around the time of spring is commonly known as spring cleaning and is a practice generally followed by people living in cold climates. This involves a very thoroughly cleaning of the house from the very bottom going all the way to the top. But overtime this term has been used to generally refer to any kind of extensive cleaning that takes places regardless of the time of year. Therefore even organizations that undergo thoroughly cleaning often say that they are doing spring cleaning. A far extended usage of this term is when people who are simply getting their affairs in order before any inspection or audit also call that they are doing spring cleaning, when in fact their actions are totally not related to cleaning work. However if you are interested in getting a spring cleaning service, End of Tenancy Cleaning is a really well reputed company in this industry. You can easily reach us at 020 3397 3291.

We are a professional cleaning service provider that is located in the heart of UK, London. We offer a wide range of cleaning solutions and services that range from small to large cleaning jobs and vary between both the public and the private sector. We not only offer spring cleaning services to homes but also offer this service to enterprises and companies wishing to have their offices cleaned up. We offer quite an extensive list of cleaning services that include a wide variety of tasks like industrial cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning, and domestic cleaning.

Spring Cleaning UKThe pride of our company is in offering a high standard of service to our customers from all kinds of backgrounds. We treat each customer individually with utmost care and respect. We are well known as the company that can be truly trusted and relied upon. We have personnel working with us for years that we know very well and we forward our trusted employees to you to ensure the same level of trust and security. Whenever we hire new employees we conduct extensive background checks on them, and even check up with their previous employers to ensure their work history. This confirms and guarantees our delivery of a reliable service. With our spring cleaning team you don’t have to worry about anything being stolen from your property.

Most of our customers trust us and thus give us a key to their home or office. This is because they are not always around to see that the cleaning is done in front of them neither do they have enough time to supervise. This is why they trust us with our standard and reliability level by giving us a separate set of keys to their property so our cleaners can come in on time and do their cleaning job even if no one is at home. This way you can enjoy coming home to a neat and clean house that you can relax in immediately rather than having to worry about anything else.

One of End of Tenancy Cleaning’s most popular spring cleaning services is our upholstery cleaning. We specifically use a steam refresh process or a hot water extraction technique to ensure that your upholstery receives an impeccable and deep clean. We clean all your armchairs and sofas as well using the same techniques along with high tech equipment that is specifically designed for the particular job we do. All the products that we use for cleaning purposes including liquids, gels, and other ingredients are all 100% environmentally friendly and safe as well. If you are interested in booking any of these services, just call now at 020 3397 3291.

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