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     The holidays were quickly approaching and that meant entertaining, preparing food and herds of relatives piling through the door. I needed a local company so I rang up EndofTenancyCleaning for a quick quote on services required. I was pleasantly surprised with the price quoted so scheduled a visit. This would be a kitchen clean only. The crews handled it all, and did it well. They cleaned and defrosted the refrigerator, going through and cleaning any mildew and old food as well as cleaned the exterior and interior of the oven, removing any grease build up. I could not be more pleased, and it made my holidays that much easier to contend with. All love.
      End of Lease Cleaning did excellent work with our upholstery recently. We needed a good clean on our home furnishings as we had pets and they had not helped the situation. The pet odours and some dirty marks had made such a mess, but we couldn't afford new ones so opted to have them cleaned professionally. The work was done really well and the end result was amazing. Great work and a good cost!
Scott Kelly14/07/2015
     I have been looking for a cleaning service for quite a while and always found the cleaners very unreliable and unprofessional. They left half the stuff behind and didn't always do as requested. When I came across End of Tenancy Cleaning, they alleviated all my concerns. The cleaners were friendly and reliable, as well as being affordable. I am hooked on the results.
     We have just recently renovated our home and I thought that a new carpet would be great for the living room too. My 7-months puppy probably thought the same because the minute he saw the new carpet installed, the minute he covered it in dirt. Since I have no idea how to clean this type of expensive rugs, I called EndofTenancyCleaning and asked one of their pros to do it. I am more than happy with the carpet cleaning services I received from these people! Everything looks flawless now!
     When I was moving house last summer, I decided to try out EndofTenancyCleaning to clean my apartment before I handed the keys over to the landlord. There were a lot of last minute jobs done so the place was a bit of a mess. Surprisingly, the cleaners were able to clean out everything and make the house look as good as new in a matter of an hour. They worked continuously without a break and had brought the cleaning supplies with them. I loved the end result! Thanks a bunch guys!
     I'm blown away by how clean my entire house looks! I needed a company that could deep clean every room of my home, and EndofTenancyCleaning did an excellent job. There's not a speck of dust or bit of dirt to be found anywhere, and my carpets looking especially incredible. This is a company I'd recommend to anyone, and I'll be hiring them again!
     EndofTenancyCleaning has just saved my husband and I a fortune on installing a new bathroom. Our house is rather old and we thought we'd never get rid of those grouting stains on our bathroom tiles. However this company's professionals were able to remove all the dirt and grime and now our bathroom looks virtually new and what we saved on new tiles we've now splashed out on a holiday! There really is no job that these cleaning professionals can't handle! And for such reasonable prices it's no wonder they're in such high demand! Spectacular!
     I struggled to take care of my hose cleaning because of my busy lifestyle but EndofTenancyCleaning were the perfect solution. Their expert cleaners came to my help and they made my home look beet than ever. They have come to my home every week to take care of my cleaning chores. They have done everything from vacuuming to furniture polishing. My home would never have looked as good if it wasn't for their help, so I recommend their services highly.
Andrea Lane18/12/2014
     My professional cleaning experience ended just a few hours ago, and I've got to say I was pretty impressed. Here are my honest thoughts on EndofTenancyCleaning. I got in touch with them after a friend of mine recommended them to me, I didn't understand what the big deal was, but it was worth a shot. They sent a cleaner over, and she was friendly, helpful and knew exactly what she was doing. A few hours later, the job was done. My flat looked great, and I'm very happy with the result. It was well worth the small amount of money I paid for the service, and there's nothing that I can complain about. Check them out if you think your home could do with a quick, professional tidy.
Kim Keller21/08/2014
     This February I broke my leg. I wasn't able to walk for a few weeks and the carpets at home had become extremely dirty. I usually do my own spring cleaning, but since I was unable this year, my neighbour recommended this company. The guys at Cleaning Company were very friendly and did a wonderful job. I have decided to make it a biannual thing, as its hassle-free and worth the money.
U. Ergel28/01/2013
     I am a single mom of 2 and we have a dog as well. Having a dog at home is not an easy job. I have to clean every day. Unfortunately my cleaning methods aren't good enough because there were very bad stains on my carpets, so I decided to try to clean them professionally. My mum recommended your company, and I was very happy with their services. They got the stains out of my carpets so easily, and it didn't cost too much. Thank you - you've won me over as a new customer.
K. Maperta26/01/2013
     The cleaning situation at my office wasn't so good and I didn't know what to do. I had tried so many cleaning companies and no one managed to remove the bad smell from the rooms. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended Cleaning Services. I booked them, and they were on time and cleaned the whole office in just one hour. I've been using them ever since.
N. Darezis23/01/2013
     I am an asthmatic and it is really difficult for me to clean my furniture and carpets. I've always been scared to hire a professional company to do it for me because I wasn't sure about the products they use. I was at my mum's house when EndOfTenancyCleaning.org were cleaning her carpets, and I didn't feel any symptoms of asthma. They explained what kinds of products they use and how they could clean my house with their steam cleaners. I decided to try it and from then on I've used their services every month. Thank you very much EndOfTenancyCleaning.org for bringing the fresh air into my home again.
P. Hanna20/01/2013
     I chose this company based on their excellent feedback. They really provided me with excellent customer support and service. They explained the whole process beforehand and review it with me afterwards. Thank you!
W. Ameixa18/01/2013
     Thank you very much EndOfTenancyCleaning.org for the great job you did with my furniture. My husband and I appreciate it very much and we are certainly going to use your great team again in the future. I have already recommended your company to a friend of mine.
C. Mahd15/01/2013
     EndOfTenancyCleaning.org was very quick in responding to my emails and giving me advice about all of my cleaning questions. I decided to hire them and I was impressed. They were able to remove the paint stains from my carpet. I would be glad to work with them again!
A. Damorin10/01/2013
     It was a pleasure to do business with your company. They finished much sooner than I'd expected and my furniture and windows look great. I won't hesitate to use their services again and would recommend them to all of my co-workers.
D. Bacalhau08/01/2013
     My experience with this company was great. They came earlier than the estimated time, which was great for me, and started to work immediately. They made my house shining and clean, and my old armchairs look like new. Thank you!
T. Teja06/01/2013
     I called last minute to book an appointment with EndOfTenancyCleaning.org and they went above and beyond to fit us into their next available schedule. Their cleaning technicians were kind and did an outstanding job with my furniture. I can't recommend them enough!
V. Meato03/01/2013
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